Henry Hudson Bridge Closed Until 2010, Unless You’re In a Car

HHBsign.jpgEarlier this summer, pedestrians and cyclists in northern Manhattan and the Bronx were surprised to learn that the walkway on the Henry Hudson Bridge, which spans the Harlem River to connect Inwood Hill Park with the neighborhoods of Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale, would be closed due to construction. For three years.

In 2004, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) counted hundreds of greenway cyclists and pedestrians entering Inwood Hill Park at Dyckman Street, just south of the HHB. Now, instead of making their way through the last remaining natural forest in Manhattan, greenway users enroute to the Bronx — as well as residents of Inwood, Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale who use the HHB walkway for transportation and recreation — must detour east to the far less hospitable Broadway Bridge.

Streetsblog has queried the MTA office of Bridges and Tunnels for specifics on the planned three-year shutdown, a longer period than it took to construct the HHB itself. 

  • Hilary Kitasei

    We were told by State DOT that there were plans for a cantilevered bike path when the bridge is rehabilitated. Can we assume this is still on track?

    NY4P and John Benfatti worked with Parks and City DOT on a fabulous feasiblity and design study for a greenway along the Henry Hudson Parkway that makes use of the service roads and bridges (available online at http://www.riverdalenature.org).

    Planning for the Bronx Link of the Hudson River Valley Greenway is about to begin. The HH Bridge will feature in some way in that plan, either as the route or connected to it.

    I also heard that the plan for the bridge includes a very good storm water capture feature that should be the model for all of our bridges..

  • Gee, they’ve been working on that bridge forever. I used to take it every day when I worked in White Plains and it had already begun construction in 2002.

  • uSkyscraper

    I just emailed DOT to ask them to:

    1) Add the bike trails in Inwood Hill Park to the city bike map, which oddly leaves them out

    2) Definitely add the bike trails in Inwood Hill Park to the city bike map, as it’s hard to know how to detour to Broadway if the trails are not on the map! (There is a trail right next to the tollbooths, but sadly it is fenced off. Otherwise you could zip to the other side of IHP and be on Broadway in under 10 minutes)

  • Phil

    Apparently, access to this bridge for pedestrians and cyclists has been an on-and-off issue for the past ten years. See http://www.transalt.org/bridges/henry.html for more information.

  • Ficho

    I was planning to buy an apartment in Spuyten Duyvil but am hesitating due to the closure of the Henry Hudson Bridge walkway for 3 years. A major inconvenience.

  • Aryeh

    Is there any update on this???

  • Reuven

    I eagerly await the Bridge’s reopening so that I can jog and bike (with kids) more easily between the Bronx and Manhattan. June ’10 will be 3 years from closure. What can we expect? Whom should we contact for an update?

  • Dave Z

    Any update?

  • JamesR

    Yeah, the latest word is that the path will re-open this summer. It was in the Rivedale Press a few weeks ago. What isn’t clear yet is whether or not bicycles will be allowed in Inwood Hill Park. Currently, they’re not allowed.


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