Today’s Headlines

  • Congestion Pricing Panel Needs ‘Independent Voices’ (NYT)
  • Gerson Clarifies Pricing Stance (Wonkster)
  • London Considers ~$10,000 Annual SUV Fee (CSM via Carfree USA)
  • Weprin Wants New Commission to Study City Infrastructure (Post, AMNY)
  • Weiner, Liu Want Cell Phones on Subways (AMNY)
  • Two Queens Pedestrians Killed on Saturday (AMNY, Daily News, NYT)
  • Woman Killed by Drunk Driver While Walking Her Dog (Post)
  • Bus Stop Shelters Feature Ads, But No Bus Maps (City Room)
  • New Font for US Highway Signs (NYT)
  • ‘Big Three’ Carmakers Look Outside Detroit for CEOs (NYT)
  • Dodge Ad Shows SUV Electrocuting Dog (Stay Free! Daily)
  • THe Sun has an interesting article about the ongoing debate over energy issues:

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    I tried Glenn, I tried to read that piece in the Sun, but it is the Sun and I have my expectations and standards. I read it as fast as I could and I might have missed something. But what was interesting to me, maybe thats what you found interesting too, was that there was no reference to taxing oil in any way. Did I miss something or was this just another feel good piece about how no one has to sacrifice anything and there are a bunch of technological fixes that will solve this. Like the Ethanol stuff, how do you pay for the government piece? Did I miss something? Maybe its my computer, it just doesn’t ever print anything on energy taxes. Maybe I can get it fixed, or maybe if it was running on wind power or geo-thermal.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    … or powered by the Sun?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Niccolo –

    What I found interesting is that everyone can somehow agree that foreign oil is bad, but no one can articulate a vision of how we will achieve a high quality, low energy civilization after oil peaks and becomes extremely expensive.