Meatpacking Plaza Update

Here’s another photo from Mike Epstein showing progress on the Ninth Avenue redesign at 15th and 14th Streets. The photo is looking southbound.

It’s looking like most of the traffic engineering is basically done — note the new bike lane running along the left-hand side of the photo. Now let’s see what sort of public space sprouts up in the midst of all this. 

  • ddartley

    I’ve got it. The excellent photo above inspired me:

    Buffers on BOTH sides of a Class II lane: one for parked cars, the other for cars. You may start installing them now, thank you.

  • forget the buffers and just put the bike lane next to the curb, with ALL the cars on the other side! how long will it take for this to become the standard?? current default bike lane position seems designed for ease of vehicular homicide…

  • P


    Your rhetoric doesn’t really stand up to crash data. The lion’s share of bicycle/automobile accidents are at the intersection: a situation that a curbside bike lane does nothing to prevent and may worsen by blocking adequate sightlines.

    On a more practical matter- what does a cyclist do when someone has blocked the lane? She gets off her bike, climbs the curb, goes around the obstacle, goes back down the curb, and rides off.

    I’ll take a buffered bike lane instead- warts and all.


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