Today’s Headlines

  • Wheel Simple: NYC Can be One of the World’s Great Bicycling Cities (News)
  • Rough Ride: Kids Fear Bicycling on Brooklyn Streets (News)
  • The Importance of Eco-Cities in an Urbanizing World (Planetizen)
  • Nanjing, China Poised to Adopt Congestion Pricing (China Daily)
  • New East River Park: Hours Too Short, Too Many Rules (News)
  • City Tap Water so Clean, Feds Will Not Require Filtration (Sun)
  • Winter Road Salt Seeping Into North Jersey Tap Water (
  • Carter Craft, Waterfront Expert, Takes Your Questions (CityRoom)
  • Chicagoans Protest as Indiana Lets a Refinery Add to Lake Pollution (NYT)
  • Energy Bill Aids Expansion of New Atomic Power Plants (NYT)
  • Heidi Cullen: The Weather Channel’s Climate Scientist (NYT
  • Truck Smashes Hole in Apartment Building (
  • A Tour of Bedford Ave., Brooklyn’s Longest Street (Forgotten NY)
  • gecko

    Eco-Cities are positioned and scale-correct in initiating major change. With New York City central to the Northeast US and the world’s third largest economy, it is well situated to lead the way.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Here’s some Vélib’ news in French:

    The suburbs want Velib’:

    The success of Vélib’ (as much as 70,000 rentals per day) brings its own problems: empty stations at the tops of hills and full ones at the bottom; “little sneaks” using private locks to resever “their” Vélib’:

  • Thanks, Angus. Good stuff. Too bad I got a C- in high school French.

  • Brian

    RE “New East River Park: Hours Too Short, Too Many Rules (News)” article, another rule not mentioned in the article: No photography! When I visited the park with a couple of friends shortly before 8pm last Friday, one of the officers told us that photography was not allowed. Crazy!