Smith Street Zombie Invasion?


On a broiling hot day, the McBrooklyn blog spotted a half dozen people standing motionless at the corner of Smith St. and 2nd Pl. in front of a small news stand. Was it performance art? A zombie invasion? A protest over out-of-scale development?

Click here to find the solution to the mystery.


PBS NewsHour Takes on Alabama’s “Zombie Highway” Tonight

A stretch of the Birmingham highway that would eventually link up with the Northern Beltline. Photo: What is a "zombie highway"? Exactly what the name suggests: a road that won’t die, swallowing government funds and congressional earmarks while posing potential harm to those who live near it. Tonight the Blueprint America segment of PBS’ […]

Things Heating Up Over at

Over at the site, the Transportation Alternatives project where readers can post photos of illegally parked cars sporting government-issued parking permits (like the court officers above who are comfortably ensconced in a no-parking zone on Crosby Street), there’s a hot thread on whether showing the plate numbers of the vehicles constitutes a potentially dangerous […]

Transit Lockbox Still Alive, Under Threat From GOP Assembly Members

Though the state legislature was expected to work well into the morning last night, dealing with major priorities like rent regulation and gay marriage in addition to lower-profile but still-important bills like the transit funding lockbox, the negotiated deals fell apart and the legislature put off all its business until this morning. The path to […]

Meridian, Mississippi: What Trains Can Do for a City

When President Obama announced his plan for a national  high-speed rail network earlier this year, one of the people invited to attend was the Republican mayor of a city you’ve most likely never heard of — Meridian, Mississippi. And one of the rail routes, running from Atlanta to New Orleans, went right through Meridian. The […]