Today’s Headlines

  • Brodsky Report to Recommend Rejecting NYC’s Pricing Plan (NYT,
  • RELATED: Crunch Time for Congestion Pricing (NYT

  • RELATED: NY Sun Editors Refer to it as a "Drive
    Tax" (Sun)
  • Record-Setting Heat Wave, Drought Ravage Western States (Guardian)
  • Alabama Governor Urges Prayer for Rain (USA Today)
  • Rain Prayers Answered (Selma Times)
  • A Vision of Free Bicycles on NYC Streets (City Room)
  • European Railways Band Together to Compete With Airlines (Economist)
  • NYC Streets to be Paved With Recycled Materials (Post)
  • Steve

    Also of note is the “surveillance veil” plan for thousands of surveillance cameras and automated gates controlled by NYPD HQ that swing shut to block off roadways at the push of button. The kind of thing that could put a crimp in your streets renaissance.

  • I’ve long suspected that security would, ultimately, be the argument that leads to the pedestrianization and de-vehicularization Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Security is where the money and power is. Unlike environmental concerns, security concerns get moved on quickly.

  • Steve

    More in today’s news: Write-up of Governor’s Island “figment” event:

    Several bicycling groups and interests organized this festival of interactive art projects and activities, which apparently set a record for the number of visitors to the island in a single day. Our family had a blast; many thanks to the many other volunteer organizers of this event. A great demonstration of how New York’s open spaces could and should be used.

    There was one small moment in the day that to me made a big point. We showed up for the 1 pm free ferry over to the island and our spirits plummeted when we saw the line of hundreds of people waiting to get on. But then the ferry staff told us that there was a separate line for those with bikes and we could get right on! This was because a separate section of the ferry held the bike racks. What a contrast to the reception one receives when bringing a bicycle on the subway or walking it on the sidewalk. As we all know, there is little that appeals to New Yorkers more than the opportunity to cut to the front of a line. That is how EZpass museum/WCS memberships are marketed–by forcing those without to wait on a long line. This should be instructive for those in government looking to encourage mode shift.