Quebec Makes Bold Cycling Statement

Transit Miami, a blog dedicated to the urban planning issues in the greater Miami region, is jealous of Quebec’s glorious new bicycle path:

The province of Quebec doesn’t mess around when it comes to cycling. A 250+ mile long route will be completed this August, making it the longest such route in North America. Known as "Route Verte" (Green Route), the trail has taken over 10 years to complete and will traverse 320 municipalities all across the province. To put that into perspective, it would be like having a continuous trail from Miami to Daytona Beach or New York to Washington.

  • I think the Miami blog has the mileage a bit too low.

    According to the Route Verte website, they will have 4347 kilometers completed in 2007 – thats 2700+ miles of marked trail.

    From June to August 2007, Québec will inaugurate the Route verte, a marked bicycle route that extends for more than 4,000 kilometres. This vast bikeway network links 16 regions and passes through 320 municipalities, stretching all the way from one end of Québec to the other.

    More here:

  • Whoops, I missed a digit. I knew the calculation seemed off. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Oh well – all the more impressive.

  • Jim Sayer

    This is a great accomplishment — on behalf of Adventure Cycling Association (ACA), I’m going to Quebec Aug. 5-10 for their celebration of the 4,000+ km network, along with other U.S. and European reps.

    FYI, ACA has a project in the works with AASHTO to create an official US Bike Route System — for more info, check here:

    Also, we are on the 7th version of a National Corridor Plan, with a lot of input from advocates and agency officials. The PDF is here:
    Let us know if you have any comments/thoughts.

    And thanks for Streetsblog — definitely one of my favorite blogs, period.

    Jim Sayer
    Executive Director
    Adventure Cycling
    406-721-1776 x201


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