Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Users Would Pay for Lawmakers’ Pricing Failure (NYT)
  • RELATED: Silver Says Plan ‘Very Much Alive’ (Daily News)
  • RELATED: Dismissing $500 Million Incentive, Weprin Keeps Heckling (Metro, NY1)
  • RELATED: Pricing Could Mean Big Business for Many (Daily News)
  • Two Cyclists Dead: One Motorist Flees, One Not Charged (Gothamist)
  • Cyclist Killed in Southampton, Driver Charged with DWI (AMNY)
  • MTA to Extend MetroCard Expiration Dates (Post)
  • Possible F Express Off the Table Until 2013 (Daily News)
  • Segways Cleared for Use in Small NY Cities (Daily Politics)
  • Federal Gas Gouging Bill Unnecessary and Hypocritical (Sun)
  • Just FYI on that Daily News article about the F petition: The reporter basically got all of the information wrong even though she was told the proper information. She got the originator of the petition’s identity wrong and relied on reporting from a bare minimum of sources. It’s pretty shoddy and doesn’t get into any of the analysis of the plan that a few of us have done.

  • Re: Segways

    The only positive note about legislation to allow Segways on sidewalks: there are still too few of them to make a difference.

    There is no place for a Segway on a sidewalk. Too wide. Too heavy. Too fast.