Eyes on the Street: Too Little Too Late on the FDR


  • I’d love to see someone go “Oh!” and do a u-turn and floor it back to the subway. This is a very moving little gesture, but it’s only a gesture. Congestion pricing will make the same suggestion in a way that people will hear.

  • “…or else”

    Great photo.

  • I think “public transit” is a better term than “mass transit.” People are not attracted by the idea of being part of a faceless mass.

  • I think the same criticism could be charged against the word “public.”

    It should be rapid transit. Especially for those times when you’re stuck in traffic.

  • It’s called “rapid transit” in Cleveland.

  • Jason

    The first flash of this message was about construction in the Bronx. As in, “headaches ahead, use mass transit.”

  • Never too late, never too little.

    There’s always next trip.

  • Note the expressway-scale gantry sign (and other infrastructure as well) that turns this and other waterfront parkways into.. well, expressways. And with them the character of the parks and neighborhoods they run through. Contrast these elements with the counterparts used on the West Side Highway south of 59th Street. Smaller signs, painted dark. Different guardrails, planted medians. West Street is still overly wide, overly fast, but it is a superior model in this respect.

  • lee

    it is a revolving message. the first half typically says something advising of a parade or street fair in manhattan during the weekend, or upcoming construction that motorists can avoid by using mass transit. they also put advisories up for mets games since parking lot construction eliminates a bunch of spaces there.

    the signage is obtrusive but that doesn’t necessarily make the fdr an expressway. the presence of commercial vehicles and trucks would.


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