Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Vote Expected, Pricing Called ‘Dead’ in Assembly (Post)
  • RELATED: Silver Relishes Position of Power (NYT)
  • RELATED: Pricing Technology Proven on Toll Roads (Daily News)
  • RELATED: Livingstone Speaks Up for New York Pricing (Post)
  • RELATED: More Reactions to Q Pricing Poll (Crain’s)
  • City Considers Breaks for Scooters as Sales Rise (Sun)
  • Vatican Issues Driving Commandments (Newsday, Houston Chronicle)
  • Drivers Oblivious to Toddler in Street (Daily News)
  • Legislature Moves Bill to Stiffen DWI Sentences (Post)
  • Misdemeanor Charge for Drugged Driver Who Killed Cyclist (Newsday)
  • Detroit Carmakers Lobby for Weaker MPG Standards (NYT)
  • MTA Nominee Vague on Fare Hike (Daily News)
  • Governors Island Proposals ‘Fall Short’ (NYT)
  • The headlines almost write themselves about the Assembly:

    Albany Gridlock perpetuates NYC’s

  • nobody

    The scooter break is ridiculous. Sometimes they’re almost as bad as cars. And don’t forget that Vespa paid Schwartz to do a “study”.