Today’s Headlines

  • Q Poll Majority Supports Pricing (Daily Politics)
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  • RELATED: Corzine Questions as Legislators Alter Bill (NYT, Post)
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  • City Wants Trees in Commercial Parking Lots (NY1)
  • Reaction Mixed to Post-Kalikow MTA Nominee (AMNY)
  • LIRR to Hire Former Metro-North President as Consultant (NYT)
  • Curb-Jumping Cab Hits Flatiron Pedestrian and Cyclist (Post)
  • Funeral for Toddler as Lawmakers Promote Web Site (AMNY)
  • RELATED: Bill Would Require Dealers to Distribute Driving Tips (Newsday)
  • Hudson River Park Trust Foundering (Crain’s)
  • Residents Sue to Block East Side Park (AMNY)
  • 10,000 Bikes Soon for Rent in Paris (Spiegel)
  • ‘Vigilante’ Bike Lanes in Toronto (Toronto Star)
  • JF

    As part of the Mayor’s PLANYC, the city’s proposing new regulations for all new and enlarged commercial parking lots with at least 18 parking spaces or 6,000 square feet, replacing weed-filled perimeters with shrubbery and trees.

    To help get New Yorkers behind a pair of handlebars instead of a steering wheel, the city would also require bike parking.

    We’d do much more for the environment by replacing the entire parking lot with trees and bike parking.

  • re Hudson River Park’s need for funds: This waterfront recreational facility was created in conjunction with the West Side Highway – a compromise solution to the battle of Westway. The park and road are an integral design, like a modern version of a parkway. The boulevard/highway features park landscaping and infrastructure (lights, signs, curbing, etc.) that are unique in the city of New York (and a model to be replicated.) It seems that more of the financial burden of creating this shared park/road/waterfront facility could be borne by users of the road. Should some of the congestion fees be directed to the parks that will host the free by-pass routes? Or should those routes really be free?

  • galvo

    another brakes didn’t work with ped and bicyclist injuries, what make and model is this taxi?