File Under: Only in America

Sean Roche of the Newton Streets and Sidewalks blog sends along this sad, bizarre, disturbing item:

A Tennessee dad named Larry Price set up a charity after his son suffered and survived a severe head injury in a
bicycling accident. The charity, Cars for Kids, held a legal street drag race in Selmer Tennessee.
During a "burnout" by a professional drag racer, a car went out of control into
the crowd, killing six and injuring 18. ABC News has a report.


Celebrating Livable Streets on the Day of the Dead

It occurs to Sean Roche of Newton Streets & Sidewalks that Halloween is, in a funny way, "America’s walking holiday," with kids, parents and just about everyone heading out for an early evening stroll, chance run-ins with friends and neighbors, and no need to pull the car out of its parking spot. Happy Halloween, indeed. […]

Bloomberg on Bicycling

Unlike the Mayors of Chicago, London, Paris and a growing number of other world cities, it is exceedingly rare to hear New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg say anything at all in public about bicycling. So, we thought that this was an interesting big of reporting in The Villager last week: After the opening ceremony […]

Portland Sees Explosive Growth in Bicycling

Clever hedge fund managers have figured out ways to make money off of weather futures, the electricity grid and quite a few other unlikely sources. What I want to know is if anyone can help me find a way to invest my retirement savings in bicycling in Portland, Oregon. According to the latest numbers, it’s […]

Today’s Headlines

More on Lee Sander’s Departure From MTA Top Job (NYT, News, Post, NY1) Paterson Basks in Glow of Doomsday Aversion (NY1) DC Planning Dept Proposes Off-Street Parking Maximums for Downtown (GGW) British Study Shows Safety in Numbers Effect for Cyclists (Guardian) Public Advo Candidate Norman Siegel: Bicycling Smart for NYC (Chelsea Now) Second Avenue Subway […]