Congestion Pricing Opponents Find a New Spokesman

Move over Walter McCaffrey and Ken Klinger.

  • ddartley

    Oh, no, this guy. He actually has some artistic genius in him somewhere, with this whole rant style, but his politics are repugnant. I was excited to see he was opposed to the “no crossing the street with an iPod” bill, but here’s why:
    “now if they introduce a law that says if you get hit by a car while you’re wearing your iPod, it’s not the driver’s fault, now THAT’s a law I could get behind.”

  • anyone who says the subways haven’t improved in 20 years was not riding them in 1987.

  • mikes

    he’s really gonna be pissed when he finds out about the new heart attack tax!

  • I don’t whether he’d be more dangerous in an SUV or a crowded subway! Please Bob, telecommute!

  • If we could get this guy to do a long term planning and sustainability rant it might be the hottest streetfilm ever.

  • He seems a little… upset.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    He wants to know where all the money is going. Well, it’s going to make up for the tax cuts: commuter tax repeal, Bush’s tax cuts, Pataki’s tax cuts. Did he think that they’d be able to cut those taxes so much and still be able to improve services?


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