Man “Tasered” and Arrested for Leaving Airport by Bike

when he Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport on his Brompton folding bicycle. He says that he was pulled over by a police officer, harassed and then shot with a Taser stun gun. He has started a blog dedicated to the case:

Immediately as I was leaving and without any warning whatsoever I was thrown off my bicycle onto the pavement. I sustained abrasion wounds to chin and arm. My helmet casing sustained a new crack, but otherwise prevented a direct blow to my head. My glasses were thrown off by the force of the impact and bounced several feet away. Officer Wingate moments later would smash them into the pavement with his boot. But first, I was jerked into an upright position, and Officer Wingate jumped to the side and ordered me Tasered by his officer in training. This, too, happened immediately and without any warning or choice whatsoever. I was then handcuffed, body searched, and luggage searched. Three additional squad cars soon arrived, including Officer Wingate’s supervisor. However, my conversation with Sergeant Karsnia was abruptly cut short on the grounds that I had allegedly ‘tried to take a swing’ at Officer Wingate. I was handcuffed and transferred to Hennepin County Hospital, then to Hennepin County jail where I was held without charges and without bail.

Photo: Stephan Orsak’s glasses.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    This is barbaric. I’ve definitely heard of cops like Officer Wingate, and I’m not too surprised. But the fact that Sergeant Karsnia and other superior officers chose to stand behind Wingate instead of apologizing to Orsak, dismissing the case and disciplining the abusive cop is disgraceful.

  • KosherPickle

    trust me cops like him will not last long on this earth.. i have started my prayer for the forces to come and destroy him

  • nobody

    Hope those cops get their asses sued, and fired.

  • Gene T

    I think bicyclists will eventually find that they must engage in civil disobedience to regain certain rights to the road. Orsak’s response is far from civil disobedience but it prompts me to think that organised, active resistance of unjust bicycle rules and attitudes is overdue.

    Do the police nowdays taser those engaged in civil disobedience? Have tasers replaced the police dogs and whips that used to be used against those who insist on their rights and the repeal of unjust laws?


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