Today’s Headlines

  • Top Queens Dem Comes Out for Congestion Pricing (Post, NYT, Daily News)
  • RELATED: Pricing Would Benefit Middle Class (DMI Blog via onNYTurf)
  • RELATED: Random Sampling Finds Random Opinions on Pricing (NYT)
  • RELATED: Poll Shows Pricing Opposition (Crain’s)
  • RELATED: Spitzer Still Against SMART Authority (Observer)
  • RELATED: Pricing Would Finance Four New Rail Stations (Newsday, Sun)
  • Commuting by City Vehicles Continues to Rise (Post)
  • Porous Sidewalks Among PlaNYC Possibilities (Post)
  • Playgrounds Soon Open as Parks (Sun)
  • East River Park Plans Unveiled (AMNY, Metro, Sun)
  • New Congress Worse on Climate Change (NYT)
  • Pedestrian Killed in Park Ave Hit-and-Run (Post, Daily News, NYT)
  • Lawmaker Wants Breathalyzer for All Cars (Post)
  • Expansion Considered for Once-Ridiculed Transit System (NYT)
  • Nude Cyclists Draw Attention (CNN)
  • v

    >>Another respondent, Joe Wright, argued that much >>of the congestion is caused by bus traffic and >>the lack of available parking in Manhattan. >>”This is just another tax on New Yorkers,” he >>said. “The city brought this problem on itself >>by forbidding the construction of parking lots >>some years ago.

    Uh, no, Joe, traffic isn’t caused by “bus congestion” and a lack of services for drivers. If you had ever been to a great city outside of New York, you’d understand that.

  • “This fall, the Parks Department and the U.S. Forest Service will use computer modeling to study which trees best fight pollution.” – Post

    not bad!

  • AD

    Joe Wright’s idea is to reduce congestion by increasing automobile parking? That’s the most backwards thinking I’ve ever heard.

  • unfortunate that the Newsday reporter in the new stations article confuses congestion pricing with the entire PlaNYC program. it would be unfortunate if that kind of bad research and reporting leads congestion pricing opponents to resist the entire plan because they don’t understand the difference.

  • Did anyone else think that NY Times article was the most inane piece of rubbish that has been reported by any of the major papers since pricing was announced on April 19th???

    I was disgusted. All the valid talking points and briefing memos be damned, I’m gonna go out and ask a bunch of drivers if they want to pay for something they currently get for free. OMG! What a surprise, the drivers don’t like the idea. What groundbreaking news!

    Where’s the other side of the “fair and balanced” approach that they usually take (i.e. giving McCaffrey’s bogus front Anti-Congestion Tax group a free quoation)? Where are the interviews with pedestrians, transit riders, and cyclists, the primary beneficiaries of the plan, the 95% of NYC who will love pricing.

    But I digress. Look unicorns!!

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    The self-selected responses to a Crain’s online poll merit a news story? Huh?