Today’s Headlines

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  • Toll the hybrids

    Hybrid, electric, hydrogen or magic powered vehicles should be tolled or priced like any others. It’s called “congestion” pricing, and low emission vehicles take up just as much room as high ones. High oil and gas prices are pushing more motorists to fuel efficient vehicles anyway. Once exceptions are granted it is very hard to take them away. No, no, no to exemptions in the congestion pricing legislation.

  • Not to mention the hypocrisy of exempting a hybrid vehicle that still gets mediocre mileage (ala hybrid SUVs). High gas mileage should be its own reward.

  • Steve

    Sure would be neat if S’blog could post a copy of the City’s 140 page draft bill on congestion pricing!

  • Sounds like a fascinating read. I agree, Toll, a vehicle takes up relatively the same space no matter how much gas it uses!

  • London gives a discount to low emission / high-mileage vehicles and is slapping guzzlers with a higher congestion fee.

    I think this sort of thing might be worth doing to encourage people who need cars no matter what to get rid of their guzzlers and trade in for greener vehicles.

  • rlb

    Is there consideration for the size of a car. Some coupes are half the length of some SUVs, contributing roughly half as much to the congestion problem. Shouldn’t they be charged less?
    How do motorcycles fit into congestion pricing?

  • Toll the hybrids

    Hybrids already get a tax credit. Due to that and rising gas prices, their market share increased 35% last year. Consumers already have enough incentive to buy a hybrid without creating loopholes in the congestion pricing scheme. Whether hybrid or SUV, we need fewer cars getting in the way of buses and commercial vehicles. If any vehicles should get a break based on emissions, it is trucks using cleaner, next generation diesel. There you have a much bigger cost/benefit. But given how lame NYC is at enforcing traffic rules, and how many scammers live here, the best congestion pricing system will be the simplest. No exceptions, no exemptions, no loopholes. Fair and simple.

  • Ian Turner

    Don’t confuse the issue. If we want to create additional incentives to improve gas mileage or emissions, the right way to do it is via a gasoline, carbon or particulate tax. These give equal advantage to hybrid owners whether they drive in the congested area or not, and preserve the congestion pricing scheme’s integrity and purpose. They also allow experimentation with a wider range of vehicles, including lightweight frames and compressed natural gas.