I Love This Town But…

Has anyone spotted the new Environmental Defense billboards that are supposedly hanging over the Holland Tunnel and Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? If so, send us a photo — bonus points for including lots of traffic in the shot. ED has a new web site, AllChokedUp.org. Here is one of the ads they are running:


Eyes on the Street: MetroCard Bike

”The use of cycles has a place,” Councilman John Liu recently told the Times. ”But it doesn’t come anywhere near the capability of mass transit in making our city greener.” Whichever mode is greener, this New Yorker has all of his or her bases covered.

Cyclist Reported Killed in Park Slope

Streetsblog has received word that a cyclist was hit and killed by a school bus this morning at President Street and 8th Avenue in Park Slope. The Gothamist newsmap (pictured) has the location tagged as the site of an "accident investigation," but we could find no further reports as of yet. If anyone has news, […]

Election Day Open Thread #2: Returns and Ruminations

Who will rule NYC streets come 2010? Photo: City Room Conventional wisdom has it that the races for New Jersey governor and Congressional rep in New York’s 23rd District are the hottest (or, in the case of the latter, most bizarre) Election Day 2009 tickets. Though Daily Kos has declared the contest for mayor of […]

Presentation: The London Plan Comes to New York City

Debbie McMullen, the head of the City of London’s so-called "London Plan," will present some of her office’s newest work, with a specific look at the comparison between NY and London. It has been suggested that London has much to teach New York, and that it would be in our city’s best interest to learn […]

Someone Show Governor Cuomo This Animated Move NY Explainer

Not sure why you should support the Move NY toll reform plan? This animation is for you. Move NY has picked up endorsements from city and state electeds, press outlets including the Times and Daily News, and scores of public interest groups. Yet despite the enormous $15 billion gap in the MTA capital program, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who runs the authority, has […]