Today’s Headlines

  • Cars Leading Cause of Injury-Death for City Children (AMNY, Post)
  • Record Medallion Sale Attributed to Hybrids, Congestion Pricing (Sun)
  • Parking Tickets Up in Brooklyn Heights (Post)
  • Residents Lose Parking to ‘Unethical’ Car Commuters (NYT)
  • City to Install 500 New Muni-Meters (Sun)
  • Woman Charged with Running Over Boyfriend (Post)
  • Congress Shouldn’t ‘Shackle’ US to Coal Technology (NYT)
  • Pair Plans 150-Mile Walk Around City (Metro)
  • Third Car Becomes ‘Fashion Statement’ (NYT)
  • Oil Companies Encouraging Employees to Bike to Work (Houston Chronicle)
  • Re Brooklyn Heights article: Wait, let me get this straight. Someone goes there to pay a parking ticket and “left his Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in a No-Standing zone for only a few minutes with a friend who can’t drive in the passenger seat”? And he’s complaining that he got another ticket?

    Some people never learn.