Streetsblog Publisher Puts up $250K to Push PlaNYC

TourdeBronxIMG_9731.JPGMark Gorton, founder and executive director of the Open Planning Project, the publisher of Streetsblog, has agreed to match up to $250,000 in donations to a Transportation Alternatives campaign promoting Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030. Today’s Crain’s Insider reports:

It is the largest known individual effort to help support the plan. The organization began its fund-raising initiative last week and has already raised $150,000, including Gorton’s match. The money will be used to boost support for congestion pricing in key neighborhoods with online and grassroots organizing and advertising in local papers. Gorton founded the Lime Group, which operates businesses in finance and software,notably Lime Wire, the world’s most popular file-sharing service.

Meanwhile, when he’s not busy re-engineering New York City’s streets, Gorton does battle with the recording industry.

  • Spud Spudly

    So a guy who made his forture by enabling people to steal copyrighted intellectual property is now donating some of his mega-bucks to promote PlaNYC? Is he a Robin Hood or just a guy with a remarkable capacity for selective morality?

    Hopefully the next thing he’ll do is find a safer way to transport his kids around town. Even with the helmets and seatbelts, that picture scares the hell out of me.

  • I don’t think LimeWire is making Gorton or anyone else a whole lot of money, Spud. The vast majority of people who use it are downloading the software for free.

    Also, in my view, the inventor of LimeWire is no more responsible for people stealing copyrighted material than the inventors of the VHS recorder and the audio cassette tape. But I know that there are a bunch of lawyers and judges deciding on that issue right now and plenty of other blogs where smart people are debating that issue.

    As for the two kids in the Cargo Bike — safety in numbers, man. Nothing makes biking safer than more bikes out on the street. And if believe what David Engwich says then the wackier the bike, the safer the rider.

  • nobody

    Please don’t feed the trolls, especially Spud.


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