Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg: All City Cabs Will Be Hybrids (AMNY)
  • Transit Not an Obstacle for Most Drivers (PFNYC via Daily Gotham)
  • Britain Steps Toward Nationwide Congestion Charge (Guardian)
  • US Gas Prices Reach Record High (AMNY, Daily News)
  • RELATED: Driving Drops for First Time in 26 Years (USA Today via Carfree USA)
  • States Await EPA Ruling on California Standards (NYT)
  • EPA Says School Buses Cause Asthma (NY1)
  • Stadium Station Funded, But Not by Yankees (Crain’s, Post, AMNY, Metro)
  • L Line Can’t Keep Pace with Ridership (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Times Editor Sues Driver Who Ran Her Over (Sun)
  • Parking Fine Increase Angers Judge (Newsday)
  • Bloomberg’s making a mistake with a solution-specific policy.

    For instance, diesel powertrains get comparable mileage and probably will last longer. Since a huge part of a car’s carbon footprint is the amount of energy needed to build it in the first place, you undermine your goals if you mandate technology that requires cars to be replace more frequently.

    Better to set more generic (though still tough) goals and let the marketplace find the winning technology.

  • The number of seats in the stadium is contracting. The MTA is going to provide transit capacity for an additional 10,000 fans (above what the existing subway stop can handle). And, the Yankees still want/need more parking spaces?


    The only consolation is that they are 9-1/2 games behind the Red Sox, with no threat to get closer soon (Rocket or not).