Today’s Headlines

  • Near-Hurricane Force Storm Sweeps Region (AMNY, Post)
  • Clinton Backs Congestion Pricing (AMNY)
  • City Envisions a ‘New Rockefeller Center’ on Rail Yards (NYT)
  • Bike to Work Day Tomorrow (Transportation Alternatives)
  • NYPD Officers to Patrol on Segways (NYT)
  • Holiday Auto Travel Likely to Rise (CNN)
  • Many Hope for Higher Gas Prices (Miami Herald)
  • South Africans Invest in Rail Ahead of World Cup (NYT)
  • Argentinians Riot over Train Delays (NYT)
  • Australian Drought Alerts Murdoch to Climate Change (Salon)
  • Addition: Newsday smacks “myopic” pricing foes:,0,556440.story

  • AD

    That is a pretty mind-blowing article on Rupert Murdoch. He’s seeing the light, and even bought a hybrid Lexus. For the next step, someone is going to have to convince him to ride the subway to work. Hey Rupert, the 6 to the V gets you from the Upper East Side to Rockefeller Center in 15 minutes.