Today’s Headlines

  • Subtropical Storm Forms Weeks Ahead of Hurricane Season (Boston Globe/AP)
  • RELATED: Officials Hope Storm Will Help Extinguish Wildfires (Post)
  • Near-Record Flooding in Missouri (NYT)
  • NASA Warns of 110 Degree Summers for Atlanta, Chicago, DC (EurekAlert!)
  • Hell’s Kitchen Hit-and-Run Injures Infamous Landlord (AMNY, Post, Daily News)
  • City Should Offer Low-Income Congestion Pricing Rebate (NYT)
  • Permit Parking Hinges on Pricing Plan (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • Human-Powered Commuters Are Happiest (BikePortland via Carfree USA)
  • AAA Objections Fueled Opposition to Red Light Cameras (Newsday)
  • Paper Alerts DOT to Misspelled Street Sign (Daily News)
  • Cab Drivers Hint at Strike Over New Equipment (AMNY, AMNY)
  • Lindsay Lohan Nearly Hit by Taxi (Daily News)
  • Bike Lane Removed for Auto Traffic (Oakland Tribune)
  • RE: Oakland Bike Lane Removed for Auto Traffic

    So, if the problem is that cars are overwhelming a neighborhood because of last week’s highway collapse, then am I crazy to think that the wrong idea is to discourage non-auto travel?

    At least when NYC prepared to be overwhelmed by auto traffic in the wake of the 12/05 transit strike, the reaction was to discourage the cars, not the bikes or walkers….that seems pretty logical!

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Robert Frank’s rebate plan is an idea only an economist could love. Vouchers that people can sell? That practically guarantees a minimum amount of cars on the road, and would be a strong deterrent to carpooling.

    As Aaron pointed out, the transit improvements are a kick-back to the poorest New Yorkers. The only way I’d support these rebates is if they came in the form of unlimited-ride Metrocards.