Today’s Headlines

  • Subtropical Plants Moving North (NYT)
  • Motorists Tired of ‘Sky-High’ Gas Prices (Daily News)
  • Con Ed Paying Drivers to Sit on Stray Voltage (Daily News)
  • MTA Criticized for ‘Shoddy’ Shea Service (Newsday)
  • Tour de Brooklyn One Month from Today (StreetFilms)
  • ‘Why I Ride’ Art Exhibit Open (onNYTurf)
  • Council Members Question Demo-for-Parking Plan (Gowanus Lounge)
  • For Congestion Pricing to Work, Permit Parking Is a Must (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • RELATED: A Case for Queens Pricing (Queens Gazette)
  • New Car Smell Causes Cancer (Chicago Tribune via Detroit Free Press)
  • Manhattan Crybabies

    This letter in the Queens Gazette is great.
    (Linked above “Case For” and below.)

  • Indeed it is! I’m so happy to be invited to “drive the streets of Bay Terrace” so I can really understand their plight. Hand over some car keys, tell me where it is, and I will BE THERE.

    On the other hand, maybe some people should try walking. In any neighborhood.