Fun With Numbers (Or: The PlaNYC Index)


Number of times each of the following words or phrases appears in the PlaNYC chapter on transportation:

  • congestion: 105
  • bus(es): 157
  • bike/bikes/biker/bicycle/bicycles/bicycling/cycling: 53
  • bike lane: 3
  • pedestrian: 9
  • sidewalk: 16
  • crosswalk: 2
  • safety: 7
  • pedestrian safety: 1
  • drive/driver(s)/driving: 58
  • car(s)/auto(s)/automobile: 27
  • truck(s)/truckers: 24
  • enforce/enforcing/enforcement: 15
  • speeding: 3
  • struck/injured/killed/fatalities: 0

Photo: faz../Flickr


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