Zero Carbon is the Goal for Woodstock

Randolph Horner, renewable energy developer, on the roof of town hall

Mayor Bloomberg is not the only one going green. Woodstock, New York wants to be America’s first carbon neutral city by 2017. The Telegraph reports:

Woodstock town hall’s large flat roof is blotted out by 112 solar panels – an early manifestation of the town council’s resolution last month to become the first American community to be "carbon neutral" – that is, to achieve no net emission of carbon dioxide – within a decade.

Down on the main street below, however, a steady trail of enormous sports utility vehicles and flat-bed trucks – at least 50 per cent of the morning traffic through the pretty little town in upstate New York – provides an obvious reality check on the optimism of America’s environmental movement.

A particularly vast SUV rumbles past, its driver possibly off to do the
weekly shop. "I agree that when we see a monster like that, it’s fair
to ask how we’re ever going to offset all this consumption," he said. "Well, that’s America’s challenge."

Locals will be encouraged to do everything from fit energy efficient light bulbs and ride bicycles, to fit solar panels and take advantage of tax incentives to make their homes more energy efficient.

CNN added:

Residents can keep their cars as long as they produce enough clean power to offset their emissions.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Thanks, Jason. I grew up in Woodstock. Ooo, I could write a book about the sustainability problems with the transportation system in the town. Maybe I’ll write something soon. But this is a step in the right direction, and Woodstock has always been a bit more progressive in that way than other towns. They’ve got four daily round-trip buses to New York a day, and it’s a pretty walkable and bikeable town.

    Michael Esposito is a cool guy, too. He worked at the town bike shop when I bought my second ride, a twelve-speed touring bike.

  • Tom

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