Today’s Headlines

  • Pro-Pedicab Groups Issue City Council an Earth Day Reminder (onNYTurf)
  • RELATED: Quinn Never Discussed Pedicabs with Lobbyist Friend (Daily News)
  • Ratner Demolition Halted as Court Mulls Restraining Order (Daily Intel)
  • City Reopens Rail Line for Staten Island Trash and Freight (NYT)
  • Close to 1000 Still Homeless After NJ Flooding (AMNY)
  • UN Council Split on Climate Change (NYT)
  • Corzine’s SUV Clocked at 91 MPH (Post)
  • LIRR Considers ‘Wider’ Trains (Newsday)
  • Air Congestion Plan Would Use Rivers as Runways (Sun)
  • ddartley

    I’m glad the Corzine story is not only going to be a seatbelt story. I’m glad it’s drawing attention to the danger of stupidly permissible high speeds.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    The seaplane idea is a little too creative. As long as we’re thinking outside the box, I want a dirigible-port in the Sunnyside Yards.

    Seriously, Bloomberg thinks that seaplanes are “environmentally friendly” (the Sun’s wording) because you can land outside of the city and taxi in? So that means his idea of environmentally friendly is “out of sight, out of mind”? What about the gas consumption and pollution?

    How much is he thinking of spending to subsidize seaplanes? And how much speed or capacity improvement could we get on the Northeast corridor with that money? If we spent it on THE Tunnel instead (taking M&E trains out of the current tunnel), that would allow us to double the number of trains to DC. How many seaplanes is that?