Town Meeting: How Can New York Survive Congestion and Climate Change?

A town meeting on creating a sustainable New York in the era of global warming.

Find out what’s ahead for New York City and what it means for you. Featuring:

  • Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President
    "Green Politics, Green Buildings"
  • Rohit Aggarwala, head of the Mayor’s brain trust on sustainability
    Plan for a Sustainable New York: Challenges, Goals, Strategies
  • Councilwoman Gale Brewer
    Political Realities in the City Council and Current Transportation Initiatives
  • Stephen Hammer, Ph.D., expert on urban energy and environmental policy
    Beyond NYC: How other cities are Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability
  • Q&A following the presentation — raise your concerns and make suggestions

Prepared with assistance from the School of International and Public Affairs’ Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy, Columbia University.


Mayor Bill de Blasio. Photo: Benjamin Kanter/Mayoral Photo Office

Bill de Blasio’s L Train Shutdown

If it wasn't already clear that surface streets will have to do serious heavy lifting during the L shutdown, there's no longer any doubt. And yet, the person who can exercise the most control over the streets, Mayor de Blasio, remains stuck in a state of feckless apathy regarding the impending cataclysm.

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