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  • Anne

    i am really struck by the fact that a City Council member would consider DIScouraging enforcement of traffic laws as a “quality of life” issue:

    “There has to be a firm agreement that anyone dropping off groceries, [or any similar activity] that causes them to be in the bike lane, that there can’t be negative enforcement of that,” de Blasio said.

    “Then you are really hurting the quality of life,” he added.

    And if that turns out to be the case, de Blasio said, he would not support the lanes.

    would he support the same lack of enforcement throughout the city?

  • Anne

    (sorry, that comment is in reference to “CB6 to review Ninth St. bike lanes”)

  • nobody in particular

    Hurting quality of life? What about hurting my body by forcing me to swerve around your illegally parked car? de Blasio’s comment is ridiculous. Somebody please give him a clue.

  • Charlie D.

    Why doesn’t DOT designate a certain number of 15 minute spaces at specific locations along the street, so that people don’t have to double park? The double parkers’ frustration is misguided on the bike lanes… it should be guided at designating drop-off zones.

  • jk

    How about the revolutionary and shocking idea of metering a couple spots at each corner and midblock that would be more available for load/unload? That would also help service and delivery vehicles avoid double parking.

    Also, NYPD does not do timed Standing Zone enforcement. The cops/parking enforcement agents are not going to circle around clocking vehicles parked on 9th Street. You could have a rule like hydrants, which allow parking if someone is with the car, but otherwise double parking enforcement becomes impossible.

  • jimbob

    From the Mets parking article in the Post:
    ‘Harold Eylward, 30, of Manhattan, said he normally drives to Shea, but hopped on the 7 instead. “The parking this year is ridiculous,” he said, as the train came to a screeching halt in the Willets Point/Shea Stadium station. “The train is very easy.”‘

    So basically what this is saying is that for sports games, people make discretionary driving trips who could easily take mass transit instead? That we don’t have to build parking for the self-fulfilling prophesy that it will be used?

    Somebody alert the city government morons subsidizing excess parking for the Yankees stadium at the service of their corporate/developer masters’ backwards thinking!

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    The 7 train was full of those Mets fans on Monday morning. They made things a bit more crowded, but I’d rather have them in the train than in cars on Queens Boulevard. Plus they all switched to the train across the platform when they found out it was an express.