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  • Gizler

    Re: cyclist killed – the article says “Police say the 20-year-old was killed when a truck made a right turn onto Ninth Avenue from 29th Street. The victim was riding a bike south on Ninth Avenue.” I can’t understand how you could make a right turn from 29th – it’s a westbound street, and Ninth is a southbound ave.

  • moocow

    Is that an old story about the Bicyclist killed? Or is it nearly the same story as the other young rider killed on 9th last fall? It reads very familiar to me.

  • rachael

    It’s the same intersection where Darren Lewis, also 20, was killed last August. Same construction company and same right-turn maneuver. The Metro article from last year is pasted below:

    Deaths spark law call from cyclists

    MANHATTAN Darren Lewis, a Harlemite who recently celebrated his 20th
    birthday, was struck and killed by a truck from the Kamco Building
    Supply Company
    yesterday around 10 a.m. when he was riding his bike along 9th Avenue at W. 29th
    Street, according to police.No summonses were issued and no
    criminality is suspected, but NYPD officials said the investigation is
    ongoing. This was the second bicycle-related death in one week. On
    Saturday, Shamar Porter, 10, was hit and killed by a minivan as he
    biked home from a Little League game in New Lots.
    The deaths prompted Times Up!, a cycling advocacy group, to call on the city to
    improve conditions for cyclists and crack down on drivers who flout traffic
    laws, such as parking in bike lanes, cutting off cyclists or speeding
    too closely behind cyclists. METRO/AZ

  • Gizler

    Wow, same exact thing a few months later. Disgraceful. Once again it will be regarded as no biggie, undoubtably.

  • Will

    A search for the article on NY1 shows that the article is from August 10, 2006.

    Thankfully, it appears to be a simple mistake.

  • Gizler

    Oh good. I’m still curious as to how the guy could have been turning right though. Also, sometimes the spam protection addition takes me longer than it should.