Today’s Headlines

  • Mitch

    In the article on access to Roosevelt Island, I’m surprised that nobody mentioned that there used to be elevator from the Queensboro Bridge to the Island (it was Welfare Island back then).

    Until the bridge from Queens was built in 1955 (by Robert Moses, of all people), the elevator was the only access to the island. It was big enough to carry an ambulance (Metropolitan Hospital was on the Island back then), and pedestrians could take a streetcar from Manhattan on Queens to the middle of the bridge.

    The streetcar was removed sometime in the Fifties, but the elevator survived (I think) until they built the tramway. I remember using it to visit Welfare Island in the summer of 1966.

    So I don’t think building an elevator would necessary compromise the bridge’s architectural integrity. Quite the contrary.

  • brent

    Here’s a scary statement from the NYT ‘An Arid West No Longer Waits for Rain’: “A proposed reservoir just north of the California-Mexico border would correct an inefficient water delivery system that allows excess water to pass to Mexico.” The selfish logic here is that any drop of water that escapes from our nation- state is wasted??? How do the Mexicans feel about this? The word conservation was not even used once in the article, typical in these debates.