Brooklyn Community Board 6 Transportation Committee Meeting on Grand Army Plaza Redesign & Bike Lanes

Brooklyn Community Board 6’s transportation committee will hear presentations and community input on the following items: 

  • Presentation and discussion of a proposal by the Department of Transportation for improvements designed to enhance pedestrian mobility, access and comfort at the Grand Army Plaza.
  • Presentation by the Department of Transportation of a plan to install two-way Class II bicycle lanes and roadway markings for left-turn turning lanes along 9th Street between 3rd Avenue and Prospect Park West.
  • Presentation by the Department of Transportation of a plan to install Class III bicycle routes in Red Hook.
  • Discussion and consideration of the Department of Transportation’s investigation into the installation of a speed hump on Columbia Street between Halleck Street and the Gowanus Bay.

Regarding the second item, a note from Noah Budnick of Transportation Alternatives:

Please attend to show your support for the proposed lanes, and bring your cycling friends, neighbors and family members too!

The 9th Street bike lanes are planned to run between Prospect Park West and 3rd Avenue and are part of the City’s Bicycle Master Plan (you can see the dotted "planned/proposed route" marking on the City’s bike map). They’ll make a nice connection between Prospect Park and the 3rd and 5th Avenue bike lanes.

I hope you can go to Thursday’s meeting and speak out in support of these lanes.

Community Board insiders are already hearing opposition from drivers (they don’t want to lose their double parking privileges!).

These are pretty standard bike lanes but even a little NIMBY resistance could turn off the DOT, so please come out and support the bike lanes and tell your friends and fellow cyclists to come out too!