Today’s Headlines

  • P

    Aaron- I hope there is a report on the public meeting on the one-way plan. I was turned away because of the long lines.

    BTW- this might be a good time to get the local newspapers to pay attention to the parking issues at Atlantic Yards. Obviously, the DOT is willing to change traffic patterns to facilitate Atlantic Yards with no regard to the impact on other neighborhoods. The addition of a thousand? parking spots on the site for perhaps the next 20 years plays into this meme.

  • ddartley

    Whole Foods:

    I shopped in their Union Square store last night.

    It was a rainy night. They had an abrupt man working the entrance ordering every umbrella carrying customer to take a plastic bag for their umbrella. I said, “do I have to?” He nodded.

    Tons of plastic into the landfill every day it rains. Thanks a lot, Whole Foods. This goes nicely with your signs advertising the environmental benefits of buying Whole Foods brand canvas shopping bags.