New Sheriff in Chinatown

The Fifth Precinct in Lower Manhattan has a new commanding officer, a local boy, Dep. Inspector Gin Yee, and he’s not afraid to tow some cars, even if they belong to his co-workers. In fact, he’s already towed 15 cars, 12 of which belonged to NYPD officers. Downtown Express reports:

David Eng, who co-owns Fong Inn Too tofu shops on Mott and Division Sts., said he saw Yee confiscate a permit from what he thought was a court employee on Tuesday before ordering the car towed. "I think he instilled fear in him," Eng said.

Eng and Lee said the streets have been mostly clear for tourists and delivery trucks since Tuesday. Dep. Inspector Yee said he has also noticed the streets have been clearer since the crackdown.

"I’m glad this captain is willing to stick out his neck," said Eng. "I haven’t met him, but I heard he’s a Chinatown boy – he’s from the neighborhood; he cares about the community."

Yee said the crackdown was his decision but he has the support of Police Plaza. A police spokesperson said he had not heard about Yee’s crackdown. He said it sounded good, before cracking a joke. "He’s towing placards now? Cool," said the spokesperson, who did not give his name. "How are we going to get to work?"

  • crzwdjk

    “How are we going to get to work?”

    Take the subway, just like everyone else. Do cops get free Metrocards? If not, they really should. It can even be cast as a homeland security program, since it would put more cops on subway trains. Even if they are off duty, it’d probably be a net benefit to security.

  • snooper

    PD officers do get to ride free and subways, buses and MTA commuter lines.

  • ddartley

    “How are we going to get to work?”

    Yeah, sorry, I guess YOU guys who really feel that way can’t come to work anymore. Get another job.

  • ddartley

    And, more seriously, in response to crzwdjk, a cop commented here once that they do indeed get free metrocards. But to repeat something, I think it would be even better, if turnstiles are ever ALL equipped with those little magnetic “special entry” devices some of them have, or something similar, that Police (and fire, etc.) SHIELDS all contained a device that could open all turnstiles. I think it would be better than giving them all metrocards for a number of reasons.


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