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  • ddartley

    After hearing a number of pedicab owners and operators speak at the Manhattan PlaNYC Town Hall meeting, I, for one, am again firmly against Int 331-A.

    On my ride home from work yesterday, I bumped into a pedicab driver with banners hanging from his ride (and with passengers), so I figured he’d know–I asked him if Bloomberg had signed the bill. That’s when and where I heard the happiest surprise I’ve ever heard about Bloomberg–he decided to take more time before signing it.

    I suggest all Streetsblog readers send Bloomberg a message THANKING him for NOT signing the bill right away, and reminding him that such a stifling of the nascent pedicab industry, which competes with the filthy, choking, car transport industry, would fly in the face of his own administration’s stated mission: “Sustainability.” You might also suggest that he send the bill back to City Council and ask them to remove or improve (if that’s how NYC government does it) some or all of the unnecessarily punitive and restrictive measures fo the bill. Also, tell your friends to do the same!

  • P

    Link to the Mayor’s Office: