Regional Plan Association Regional Assembly: A Bright, Green Future: Climate Change, Energy and Growth in the Tri-State Metropolitan Region

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
  • The Hon. Jon S. Corzine, Governor of New Jersey
  • The Hon. James J. Florio, former Governor of New Jersey
  • Majora Carter, founder and Executive Director of Sustainable South Bronx
  • Brian Lehrer of WNYC
  • Paul Roberts, author of The End of Oil
  • Rohit Aggarwala, Director of PlaNYC 2030

And many others.

  • Happy Talk

    Mayor makes a green speech and the happy talk won’t stop. why?

    Truck use skyrocketing
    huge increases in air travel to region
    city water supply under severe threat
    continued increase in regional traffic
    uncontrolled regional growth and sprawl
    continued large increases in electrical demand

    the priority of environmental advisor to the gov of NY is a law to require a deposit on noncarbonated bottled beverages.

    the truth is really inconvenient


Conference: Regional Planning Comes of Age

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The Financial Foolishness of Christie’s ARC Gambit

Two weekends ago, construction on New Jersey’s most important transit project was called to a temporary stop by Governor Chris Christie. He declared a thirty-day review period for the ARC tunnel project, which would build a new rail tunnel below the Hudson and double commuter rail capacity from New Jersey. Many worry the review is […]

Good Stuff in This Week’s Mobilizing the Region

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Cuomo and Christie Play Chicken With Trans-Hudson Train Commuters

It’s been almost five years since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie killed the ARC tunnel. Things haven’t improved since. The existing two-track rail tunnel, already at capacity, has continued to shoulder growing ridership comprised mostly of NJ Transit commuters. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy added a dose of corrosive salt water to the century-old tunnels. Amtrak warns that one or […]