Today’s Headlines

  • I feel sorry for the folks near the Whitestone, but the problem comes full circle in this quote:

    The construction will take out anywhere from three to six feet of front yard and driveway from homeowners.

    Homeowner Javai Arssad says that doesn’t leave much room for his car.

    “I cannot park my car in my driveway, no,” he says. “No, I don’t think [it will fit].”

  • Dormer

    There should be a traffic cam on 5th and 40th in front of the Public Library. Two cars ran red lights like it was nothing just as I was about to cross.

  • ddartley

    Re: “U.S. ‘Stuck in Reverse:'”

    I’ll say it again: Major automakers who sell in the U.S. have conspired with each other to give the public, via their advertising, the dangerous, wrong impression that 30 mpg is something to be proud of.

    A lot of their recent ads boast loudly about 30 mpg efficiencies.

    Well, 30 mpg was impressive maybe forty years ago; it’s not now!