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  • from the NYPD rant:
    “We detain for investigative purposes anyone taking pictures of MOS vehicles. Its a possible terroristic threat. Detain them (in handcuffs) then contact JTTF. The CO wants 250 #’s? 250 them for terrorism.”

    This spells trouble if you ask me.

  • “…terroristic…”

    And further down there’s the broken-record threat that police will stop doing their jobs (responding to 911 emergencies) if the public doesn’t back off (its effort to get law enforcement to obey laws). Meanwhile, lawyers are trolling in their sidebar for “Disability, Medical, EEO Claims, Disciplinary actions.” Gross.

  • P

    One commenter was honest enough to admit that the parking violations aren’t crucial to the job performance of government employees:

    Its a perk people deal with it….

  • Steve


    I too was repulsed by that post. But the second comment below the states, with chilling candor:

    “Very bad advice about the cuffing and 250.

    There are MOS on the Rant who will actually listen to you and go out and cuff and 250 a person for taking pictures of a car. In this situation, it is not illegal to take pics from a public place (NYC STREETS).

    I am sure the more creative amongst us will figure out how to deal with this situation without putting ourselves at personal risk.”

    One of the more “creative” tactics these folks have come up with is tracing people’s identity and harassing them at home. Won’t stop me!

  • JF

    With that domain name, I’m worried that people will think it’s about people hogging

  • galvoguy

    remember if the rogue law enforcement officers try to intimidate you or harass you when taking pictures of personal cars parked illegally, besides the CCRB complaints, you can also sue them personally. They are not indemnified when acting outside the scope of their official duties. The patriot act the rogue cops quote, does not apply here, with all the press reports and media coverage, previous interactions with press, the police know why people are taking pictures. The police do not have the probable cause to request or demand ID in these cases. The reason they would ask for id is so they can follow up and harass the individual at home. Have two video person standing by to document the LEO infractions. Remember they have to identify themselves when requested , the citizens do not.

  • Spud Spudly

    Great idea for a Web site. They can start by going to Lefrak City in Queens and taking pictures of all the privately owned vehicles parked in front of fire hydrants, in no standing zones, in bus stops and in the left turn lane at the corner of Junction Boulevard and Horace Harding Expressway. NYPD has space near there and the cops abuse the neighborhood parking to no end, even though there have been media reports about it.

    But if someone’s going to start a site for people who abuse their gov’t parking privileges then hopefully they will familiarize themselves with what those privileges are. Most city permits allow parking at meters, in commercial vehicle and loading zones and in no parking zones. So hopefully they won’t fill up the site with people who are parked according to what their permits allowed — in other words, they need to concentrate on actual permit abuses and not operate on the assumption that all permit use is abuse.

  • Spud Spudly

    BTW, did anyone see Paul from TA on NY1 this morning? Paul was looking mighty “Whyte” (that’s how NY1 spelled his name) with his focus on parking problems in the lily yuppie neighborhood of Park Slope. Focusing on Park Slope really makes TA look like limousine liberals of the worst type (I hate that phrase “limousine liberal” but damned if it doesn’t seem appropriate here).

    It’s interesting to know that something like 45 percent of the traffic in that neighborhood is local people crusing for a spot. I don’t see how raising the parking rates for muni meters on 7th avenue is going to change that though, since locals are looking for more long-term parking than that provided at metered spots.

    David Yassky was talking about a realistic solution though — neighborhood parking permits. Hopefully Yassky wants to see neighborhood parking permits in places other than Park Slope.

  • ABG

    Don’t feed the trolls. With that kind of language I don’t think Spud is looking for a polite, reasoned response.

  • Spud Spudly

    That’s funny. Exactly what language did I use that was so offensive to you? Because I said that Paul White was looking mighty white? Oh the horror!

  • ABG

    I didn’t say it was offensive, I said it was impolite and showed that your intent is to provoke and insult, rather than to engage in a rational discussion of these issues. No horror here, just annoyance.