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  • Anonymous from EU

    Even if a diplomat has to pay a congestion tax, she can decide to not pay and then decide to not pay the fine. Diplomatic immunity guarantees them immunity from being charged. Just like the diplomats do not have to pay the parking tickets they accumulate.

    The question here is about the regular staffers who do not carry a diplomat passport. They do not have diplomatic immunity and are bound by the same laws as regular citizens. The American and French embassies want to have special rules for these people.

  • The LI driver only got a $90 and in the media was portrayed as something akin to a schoolyard prank, only worthy of a slap on the wrist…

    This is a person who was not just sidestepping the law casually, but rather intentionally deceiving law enforcement in an attempt to systematically not follow the law. This must not have been the first time if he went through all this trouble of buying a blow-up doll.

  • Do diplomats who ride the “Tube” pay the fare?

  • ddartley

    The London Congestion/Diplomats story illustrates one reason I’m still kind of on the fence about congestion pricing–look at the crazy hoops, twists, and turns the rules have to go through to avoid being a regressive tax.

    Like I said, I’m on the fence, I’m not necessarily against it, but I think there are other ways to limit “luxury driving.” Sure, I’ll let you quote that phrase. I encourage you to!