Traffic Enforcement – Town Hall Meeting With Christine Quinn

Chekpeds, the the Clinton–Hell’s Kitchen Coalition for Pedestrian Safety, reports that 75% of community members are concerned for their safety because of traffic, while only 6% are concerned about crime! Recently, another pedestrian was killed at 15th Street and 9th Avenue.

Chekpeds seeks to obtain more enforcement at intersections, officers who care more about pedestrian safety than flow of cars and who are qualified to issue summons.

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and the Chair of the Public Safety committee are hosting town hall meetings to give community members the opportunity to voice concerns about and suggest improvements to current police operations in their neighborhoods.

This event is a unique opportunity to demand more enforcement and safety for pedestrians.

  • beng

    please ask Ms. Quinn how much public park space is going to be created along the 10th ave corridor from 34th st to 42nd st where her government has already approved so much high rise residential and commercial construction.

  • bob

    Please ask her a bunch of things, like why she is supporting permits for walkers and bicyclists, why she supports restrictions on pedicabs (which calm traffic, making it safer for pedestrians), etc.

  • Harry Franootie

    Pedicabs are out of control. There should be limitations and accountability of pedicab operators.

    The Quinn meeting above has little to do with meaningful traffic enforcement. It’s part of Quinn’s build-up to run for mayor.

  • Franky

    News for ya, Harry: Whomever wants to be the next mayor of NYC is going to have to have a meaningful transportation plan and urban environmental agenda. The neighborhood level civic associations, the local business groups and the big money corporate elites all want to see it.

  • Mr Revolution

    Pedicabs are, indeed, in need of regulation—not strangulation. Quinn’s dictatorial move to de facto ban pedicabs in NYC and put them under the thumb of NYPD is fascist ( a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control) at best. Green Passenger Transport in NYC deserves regulation and management, not death and destruction. Traffic calming pedicabs are a boon for neighborhoods, not a bane like pedestrian-killing, fossil-fuel-burning, inefficient internal-combustion-engine-based, pollution-generating, many—ton motor vehicles. Pedicab operators need accountability, not annihilation.

  • the streets

    Please tell Speaker Quinn that the fundamental problem is the streets are designed for cars not people. Police traffic enforcement is a stop gap answer. Increased police enforcement will evaporate after a couple of weeks or months. These streets need LPIs and big, effective, sidewalk extensions. Clear, yield to pedestrian signage with blinking strobes might also help. So would more red light cameras. There are a ton of cars turning on red in this area.


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