Eyes on the Street: Snow Days

When there isn’t snow on the ground where does all the black stuff go?

Photo courtesty of Gowanus Lounge.

  • Danny

    What IS all that black stuff?…

  • d

    In our lungs.

  • This is why they have to treat road runoff as sewage. I would be curious exactly what is in that stuff. Some oil, to be sure, and some stuff worn off the road itself. Some rubber from tires. Some normal dirt and dust from the environment.

  • As d said, it’s what we’re breathing in every day. Pretty disgusting, no?

  • mfs

    Yep, our lungs, and in many cases, it goes into the cracks on pavement and buildings too. When I was starting a community cleanup project in LIC we kept sweeping this grey/black sand-like material out of the streets. It took a few days, but eventually I realized it was carbon particles (plus some fun air toxics from diesel) precipitated out of auto exhaust.

    Try this experiment in Manhattan- take a piece of white tape and stick it to the outside of a building. See how black it gets after a week.

  • some dude

    We have a balcony. You don’t want to see how much dark brown gunk cakes our outdoor furniture only a short while after cleaning. Yikes.