Today’s Headlines

  • Steve

    Driving Drunk: What would the coverage be like if Campos had fired a loaded pistol at random into the street? Is driving drunk through red lights that much different?

    Green Power Plant: East River hydro seems long overdue. Every year or two you read about a swimmer sucked to their death by the infamous East River undertow–why not harness it?

    Bronx Merchants: DOT says no angle parking in aid of local commerce, yet perpendicular parking for civil servants at Columbus circle is OK:

    Additional Headline: Debate Among Historians and Artists Over Design of Refurbished Frederick Douglass Circle:

    Apparently the debate is over the relative roles of artists, historians, planners, and the community in determining the iconography that will accompany the statue at the Circle.

    See page 22 of the following link for a good ddiscussion discussion of the problems, potentials, and process of FDC public space redesign:

    PPS apparently consulted on the redesign of FDC. Does anyone know if there are final plans for FDC, and if so, where to get them?