Today’s Headlines

  • Steve

    The piece on the Big 3 is just what you would expect. They are working desperately to sell car buyers under 40 on the “heritage” of “muscle cars” designed like “battering rams,” with excessive horsepower that wildly overmatches the 55 MPH context in which they will be driven, and crappy mileage of the type that sent SUV sales plummeting last year admist spiking gasoline prices. Sounds like a great plan for getting US auto industry back on its feet (forget about designing cars responsibly, which is the last thing on the manufactrers’ minds).

  • The Big Three article is mind-blowing. It’s like Detroit is so far in the hole the only way they can see to get out is to just keep digging.

  • Past glories and dreams are about all most anybody has these days.

  • gecko

    re: Business Should Treat Enviro’ism as an Irrational Religion (Financial Times)

    Wall Street Journal editorials are just as misleading on global warming while its news is spot on according the Jeff Sachs director of Columbia’s Earth Institute. Nothing is mentioned about the science in the Financial Times editorial.