Today’s Headlines

  • I briefly attended the rally today before getting back to my full-time job. Councilmembers Gerson and Mendez both spoke out against the rules as did Mark Taylor, director of Assemble for Rights NYC and Norman Siegel.

    And thanks for pointing out the article about the cement barriers on Broadway saving lives. Park Avenue on the East Side, which has a similar pedestrian island does not have that same protection. I will be taking this up with Community Board 8’s Transportation folks to see if we can get something installed there as well.

  • Road pricing in Monday’s Daily News:

  • Dan

    Can someone tell me why these rallys are all at times when people who have full time non advocacy jobs can’t possibly make it? I’ve seen several rallies for causes like the bike lane on Houston and now this one at times that just about make it certain that only the most extreme supporters of any cause will attend. This even came closest being held at 10am. An hour earlier and I would’ve been there.


  • Dan, it mostly has to do with when the media will show up and report something. This one was because the police hearings are scheduled for 11-2pm when few people are available – conincidence? I think not. We would have had many more people on a weekend or evening!

  • ddartley

    regarding the crash on Broadway where the refuge saved pedestrians: why on earth was the taxi traveling at 40 to 50 mph? I tell you, those cyclists are a real menace!!

  • Dan,
    You can direct that question in writing to:

    Assistant Deputy Commissioner Thomas P. Doepfner
    New York City Police Department
    One Police Plaza, Room 1406
    New York, NY 10038

    Maybe he can help you understand how they schedule these things conveniently to avoid as much public feedback as possible. Neato!

  • Dan

    Thanks for the tips. I know I was being sarcastic but I really was curious why this keeps happening and I appreciate your answers.