Today’s Headlines

  • linda J

    Dear Mayor Bloomberg and to whom it may concern
    I live on 34th street betweeen 2nd and 3rd avenues beside the tunnel loads of
    traffic, construction, beeping horns and sirens when the NYPD parade down
    our street at 10pm I guess it’s a thrill for them but not for those of us who have to get up at 5:30 am to work. The city has forgotten that people, families live on 34th street and we don’t live 20 floors above the noise and clammer. Manhatten is a great city it is also jarring to the senses, deafening to the ears,air quality poor and unsafe for bikes and pedistrians and tourists. High rises boasting 2 million condo sales are going up. Heed this warning prospective tenants wanting the clammer (glamour not) to live on 34th street think twice about what there buying into unless there building offers sound proof living.
    We really do need a miracle on 34th street, some traffic control and noise reduction enforcing is all were asking. Mayor Bloomberg maybe more action would be taken to reduce the congestion if you come live on my block for a few weeks and really hear whats happening.
    concerned because i love this city!

  • ddartley

    I’ve seen several of those convoys of 30 or so cop cars running through red lights in order to stay together.

    I caught up with one of the cars once on my bike, and I asked the cop, “what is this, Critical Mass for cop cars?”