Two Doubleparked Traffic Agents, Sunnyside Up

Breakfasting NYPD traffic enforcement agents doubleparked at 97th St. and Amsterdam Ave. this morning

Being a New York City traffic enforcement agent couldn’t be an easy job. If the cops are the city’s "Finest" and the firefighters the "Bravest," traffic enforcement agents have to be the "Most Disliked-est." Angry confrontations with ticketed motorists must be a regular part of the job. Certainly, the drivers of cars 7408 and 7242 deserved to take a load off at the local diner after the morning’s ticket blitz to trade war stories over breakfast.  

But are they entitled to illegally double park their own cars for the entire duration of their meal? Apparently, they believe so. Like thousands of other government workers in New York, these guys believe that the city’s parking rules don’t apply to them. In fact, these are the city employees who are supposed to be enforcing those rules. What’s more: Why do these guys even need cars in the first place? Why aren’t they using a scooter, a bike or the subway and their own two feet?

Meanwhile, because of the double parked traffic cars and the truck on the far right that was double parked, the flow of traffic was severely disrupted as four lanes of moving traffic at 96th Street had to merge into just two. While they were having breakfast, they created a traffic safety hazard. Somehow, "But I’m on my break" doesn’t seem to be an adequate response.


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    • 10th precinct by chelsea is famous for this. Its funny because the precinct is just a block away when they do it. I guess they don’t want the boss to say “time to lean, time to clean”

    • Is it just me or does it look like these aren’t doubleparked? They look like they are in parking spots (you can see the sidewalk pretty close behind the left car) – but the car behind the right car throws things off – it makes it look like the two cars are double parked – but that car, if you look closely, is parked on the sidewalk.

    • no, the cars were not on the sidewalk, Amsterdam has 6 lanes. In this case 4 are being used for regular and double parking combined, leaving only two for through traffic.

    • Eric

      i’m sure this happens all the time. double parking not only create’s hazards and headaches for motorist, bicyclist get the shaft as well… forcing them further into traffic. thanks police! just shows where the term ‘pig’ comes from. police should be setting examples not creating new problems. i know there is such a thing as citizen’s arrest, but maybe there should be citizen’s ticketing too!

    • ddartley

      It’s with a demented good intention that people pull over to double park (often in bike lanes). They think they’re helping to allow traffic to flow by getting out of the way. But of course they’re still obstructing the car lane anyway–and often a bike lane as well, therefore doing three times as much harm–they hurt: motorists, cyclists, and legal parkers. If they would just double park in a car lane W/O pulling over, they would leave the bike lane free (and not force cyclists into traffic), allow legal parkers to move, and NOT hurt motorists any more than they already are by double-parking in the first place.

      I wish the city would go on a publicity campaign saying, “if you must double-park, stay in the car lane, do not pull into a bike lane.”

      Of course every time I send that idea to a City official, they CAN NOT process it–it’s just tooooo complicated for their bureaucratic brains. ALL they hear is, “get out of the bike lane,” which of course doesn’t get anywhere.

      (Just another reason that as long as side-of-street parking exists, side-of-street bike lanes will continue to be as bad as they are good, IMO.)

      Ramble on, as Robert Plant said.

    • cityslicker

      Hmm……….. Seems to me the people who are most offended by them simply having a meal ( that cant be no more than 30 mins. ) are the SAME exact people who clog up all our city streets with thier cars as they drop in for Dunkin Donuts, stay in bus stops while they wait for granny to get out the bodega,leave small children in running cars thinking this will avoid getting a ticket… meanwhile the rest of us just have to drive around em as well. sigh*

    • Uh, most of the rest of us don’t drive.


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