Panel: ‘Contactless Smart Cards for Transit Fare Payment: A Paradigm Shift’

MTA New York City Transit is exploring an option that permits payment of fare at the point of entry using a standard, bank-issued contactless smart card device. This is a paradigm shift from traditional approaches to fare collection in which transit agencies issue fare media and tickets that are integral to a stand-alone, custom-designed fare collection system. Panelists will review this paradigm shift and explore some of its implications.

Featured Panelists:

Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance

Gregory Garback, Smart Card Alliance

Burt Willhem, MasterCard Worldwide

Steve Frazzini, MTA NYC Transit

Paul Korczak, MTA NYC Transit


MTA Reorg: Respected Exec Monheim Out, Cuomo Operative In

A “shake-up” is underway at the top levels of the MTA, reported Crain’s Insider this morning. Two top executives, Charles Monheim and Linda Kleinbaum, are on their way out the door. Moving into the agency is Steve Morello, a political operative with deep ties to the Cuomo family. The departure of Monheim represents a loss […]