Eyes on the Street: SoHo


  • AD

    I should have called this one “Eyes on the Hydrant.”

  • You mean, eyes on the dead hydrant. Probably hit by an auto?

  • AD

    Exactly. Either that or hit by a truck.

  • brent

    But it definitely was not hit by a cyclist:)

  • AD

    This is the property damage that happens when objects near the street are not secured by THE BOLLARD.

  • It could have rusted from a dog relieving itself. Worse still, it could have been a small dog or child that was hit.

    This is a great picture to support Aaron’s cause of make our streets safer for hydrants and phone booths!


  • So…uh, where’s the water?

    (If I didn’t know it was there, I would think the “Necessary Clothing” in the backgrond was photoshopped in.)

  • Some of the time I’ll help out a hydrant like this one. It’s so sad when you see so many people just walking by. I often give them a dollar– I know it will just spend it on drinks or drugs, though…


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