Separated at Birth?

You know that a change in the zeitgeist is afoot when Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s transportation policy conference tomorrow provides fodder for the New York Post’s Page Six:

We Hear That… some of the city’s better known alternative transportation advocates – Moby, David Byrne and Matthew Modine – plan to pedal over on their bikes tomorrow to attend Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s transit conference.

Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White and Matthew Modine in the same room at the same time?

  • Clarence

    Interesting question. Perhaps this might serve as evidence…

    I was filming some car-free Central Park footage a few years back with Paul, and I had just praised his on-camera eloquence in a soundbite he gave me. Paul may have slipped when he told me it was, “no biggie being on camera. I’ve made a few bicycle short subject films in the past.”

    When asked what they were he said they were “Married to the Bike”, “Full Metal Bicycle”, and “Cutthroat Cyclist”.

  • Matthew


  • I have seen them together, at least I think I have. I remeber getting dizzy and smelling cleaning products and then the room went black. I woke up in the trunk of an extracycle on the east river greenway.

  • P

    NO WAY!

    I actually saw them together last Thursday at TA’s rollout of ‘Traffic’s Human Toll’ but I discounted it because earlier in the day I thought I had seen Sandra Oh and David Brooks.

  • Also, have you noticed Paul’s favorite word is “mode?”


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