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  • Nick

    It’s unfortunate that Stella Schindler, a retired family court judge and the author of the “Stop Reckless Bicyclists” letter, is unaware of the law.

    “I also preside as a jurist in the summons part of Manhattan Criminal Court. I have yet to see a single summons issued to bicyclists who fail to use the bike paths.”

    Bicyclists are not legally required to use bicycle paths, and when they’re obstructed by automobiles (which is most of the time based on my experience) bicyclists have the right to take a lane.

  • Hannah

    Please send your note to the Times!

  • Hilary Kitasei

    My understanding is that bicycles are allowed to use streets period. That is, the bike lanes are a courtesy provided to offer them greater protection. Otherwise, does that mean that bicyclists are not allowed to use any street without a bike lane?? Thanks to anyone for the clarification…

  • I sent my letter to the times…
    In reponse to this ignorant New York motorist, I would like to explain to her that bicycles are not required to ride in the bike lane.
    She states, "I have yet to see a single summons issued to bicyclists who fail to use the bike paths." That’s because bicycles are allowd to use the road just like any other vehicle. The main reason that the Bloomberg administration finds it necessary to educate New Yorkers about bicycles is precisley because many motorists think the way this unfortunate woman does.

    Hey Stella, I am a human being, and I am often at risk from the pollution and carbon dioxide coming out of your vehicle. Unfortunately, the damage you do is not limited to the city – its global.

  • podsednik

    But also from

    —34 RCNY § 4-12(p) Bicycles.
    (1) Bicycle riders to use bicycle lanes. Whenever a usable path or lane for bicycles has been provided, bicycle riders shall use such path or lane only except under any of the following situations:
    (i) When preparing for a turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.
    (ii) When reasonably necessary to avoid conditions (including but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, pushcarts, animals, surface hazards) that make it unsafe to continue within such bicycle path or lane.

    A good compendium of NYC bike laws is here: