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Trouble on Two Wheels

Noah Budnick, programs director of transportation alternatives — on alternative means of transport in New York


Iris Weinshall, New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner — on the city’s effort to make biking in New York safe Tune in right now

  • Interesting tidbits:

    Weinshall agrees with Noahthat more cyclists provide visibility for cyclists and creates a safer environment.

    Chuck Schumer (Weinshall’s Husband) rides a bike and complains about the poor state of bike lanes.

  • I’m very disappointed with the constant and utter dismissal of congestion pricing and other ideas with the tired line: “other cities aren’t like New York; what works there may not work here.”

    Well duh. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them. I’d like to know if we’re at least trying to learn something and consider options. I didn’t hear anything positive in that sense during this interview. I suppose these things take time, and getting a few more buffered bike lanes somewhere in the city is a good sign.

    She did make a good point, though, in not so many words, that our rail, bus & subway service is decrepit and pathetic. Can’t handle any additional capacity? Well why the heck not? We’ve gotta start planning for our future again instead of relying on the work of our grandparents…

  • The reason bus service sucks is because the streets don’t work for buses – that’s Commissioner Weinshall’s job, not something you can lay at the feet of the Transit Authority.

  • ddartley

    Yes to Adam’s 3rd point. At the City Council screening of “Contested Streets,” John Liu agreed that more people should choose mass transit over driving, but he pointed out that the trains are indeed crowded and the system hasn’t been expanded for sixty years.

    The City does have to develop the political will for huge projects, such as new train routes (and not so huge ones such as BRT), not just the recently heralded easy improvements.

  • Don’t give Liu such an easy out. It’s cheap and easy for anyone in city government to point fingers at inadequate transit because it’s run by a state-chartered public authority, but when will Liu’s Council Transportation Committee hold hearings, do some studies and recommend what they would like to see in the next MTA 5-year construction program?

  • As you well know, John Liu is far too busy sending out press releases about his appearances on “Inside Edition” to talk about “Survivor,” the reality TV show…


  • podsednik

    Dear Commissioner Weinshall:

    I enjoyed hearing you speak on WNYC yesterday. Reflecting upon your interview, I have a question about car crashes:

    In cases where the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle dies in a crash, what percentage involves head injuries? Also, what in what percentage of the cases were the victims wearing helmets? I think we could be onto an important public safety initiative here.



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